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I took a 5 day class with Michael from Tust Studio. I went in without knowing much, but when I finished the classes I left feeling more secure. What I learned was really worth it. Something I like about him is the enthusiasm, the passion, and the knowledge that Michael has and the way of transmitting all that at the moment of teaching. He was always very kind and the personal attention he offers is invaluable, all this pro that the size of the class allows. He helped me choose the necessary tools and indispensable materials based on the skill I showed during the days the classes lasted. After completing the classes Michael offers help and advice if necessary. I want to thank him and Laura for all their patience and all the advice they gave me. Thank you very much and I will be back soon to continue improving.


Juan Painting Contractor

East Palo Alto




The woodgraining class that I took at Tust Studio has been invaluable to my decorative painting business. What I learned from Michael has been invaluable, not only for my woodgraining jobs, but also for my business in general. From the techniques that he teaches to the basecoat sample card deck you make, you come away with the ability to take on any woodgraining job with confidence. And if I ever have a question or need advice on a job, I can call or message Michael and he is always willing to help. Besides everything you learn, getting to hang out with Michael and Laura in their studio is just plain fun.


Alyse, Owner of Double Take Designs

New York




Thank you Michael for making me confident in doing any woodgraining job that comes my way.  I recently completed an entire coffered ceiling in faux cherry to match the walls of an office.  Without learning the skills and techniques from Tust Studio I would never have been able to do this job.  You are a master in your craft and I feel lucky to have learned from you. 


Amy, Owner of DoubleTake Designs

New York







I just had to write and tell you guys thank you. The three days I spent with you were some of the most informative and motivating three days I have ever experienced. My work has already asked me to marbleize many of the new and existing columns and molding. (lots of overtime!!!) I will send you before and after pics as soon as I am finished. You are incredible instructors and just two of the damn nicest people Melissa and I have ever met. Take care and talk to you later. P.S. When you decide to have a marble 3 class let us know!

Murray UT

I enjoyed participating in Laura and Mike Tust's Wallglazing class. We learned the basic techniques on boards that Laura had pre-painted. The class was well organized and flowed into the second day. We did large boards and then painted full walls. There is value in doing a large area. We used different mediums and experienced the properties/workability of each one and the result that was created. I met Laura in the Canada College Interior Design classes in the San Francisco bay area where we were both students. Laura is a color expert and designer. Mike is known in the bay area as "the wood faux finisher". He has traveled and studied other techniques such as marble and stone finishes. Laura and Mike Tust love what they do. They guide you during the class to learn, experience and evolve in mastering the art of faux painting. I have used my new skills in my home and feel confident and love the compliments when I have produced an artistic creation. I am remodeling our bathrooms and will be using some of the techniques that I learned in the class.

Pacifica CA



It's evident that Mike and Laura really love what they're doing! They're driven and their eagerness to share their expertise is appreciated. The Wallglazing class was thorough and I learned a great deal. The day didn't end until every question was answered – very well worth it!


San Jose, CA



I took the Marble 1 & 2 classes. Marble 2 in particular, was the most interesting and inspiring to me. Since I came home, I have been excited about the knowledge and techniques that Mike passed on to me. I have practiced and practiced, trying to refine what I already learned in class with the new marbles that I have since produced. I look at the books that we referenced and become stimulated and inspired to produce more and more. Also, the architectural details that we did on the side are challenging, but also add more inspiration for the whole marble sample that I complete each time. I did Yellow Sienna with an architectural design of the column, and am getting ready to use it as a photograph for my business card design. I am so revved up about this.

Marsha, Painting Contractor
Oakland, Ca




I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the class that I took with you and Mike. Your work is so exceptional and your teaching methods are done in a way that the advanced student as well as the beginner, (as I am) are able to learn. The class on wood finishes was wonderful and I use the information gained whenever I do wood finishing.

San Jose, Ca​

I enjoyed being a student of Mike Tust's decorative art classes. I attended Mikes Woodgraining 1 and Marble 1 classes. I have to say that I have never attended such good art classes. Mike is a true professional and knows his subjects well. My career is in faux finishing and decorative painting; I consistently refer to the knowledge that I have gained in Mike's classes on a daily basis at work. My clients are very impressed with my wood graining and marbling works and I owe it all to Mike Tust at Tust Studio.

Jeffrey , Painting Contractor
San Jose, Ca

Dear Mike and Laura. Thank you so much for the wonderful Marble 1 & 2 classes; I learned many great things and look forward to practicing my new skills.

San Jose, Ca

The classes I have taken at Tust Studio have been very inspirational. I have already been able to utilize several of the skills taught in my last class with you. And the results of these commissions have lead to several new client opportunities. I appreciated the personalized attention provided by the instructors and their encouragement to network with fellow students. The learning continues during breaks and after classes – 24 hours in a day is just not long enough! The pace of the classes allowed us time to experiment and perfect the use of glazes and new tools. And the variety of tools to utilize...WOW! The number and complexity of projects were well balanced and each carefully planned to challenge students. I appreciated the opportunity to use both oil and water based products. Each has its place and my future commissions will benefit from using both. I look forward to my next opportunity at Tust Studio.

Carrie , Decorative Design
San Jose, Ca

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